Atoms Basketball Club is a community-based organization not run for profit & based in Melbourne, Australia. Established 1996.


For the first time parent scoring is a bit of a mystery and can appear difficult. If you are new to scoring or just need a refresh, the following information will get you up and running. Essential reading for all new parents and managers.

Scoring a game is not hard, but you do have to pay attention!

Parents share the responsibility for scoring at matches, there will be one parent from each team.

One parent will operate the score display, and the other will keep track of the score on sheets provided at each game.

If you know how to score and use the electronic board, please teach other parents in the team. If you are unsure always consult the referees!

Please read the provided PDF files below for the details of how to score.

How to Score

Sample Score Sheet

Atoms is a member of the Hawthorn Basketball Association, based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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